Living 3D Sharks Screen Saver

Living 3D Sharks Screen Saver 1.0

Living 3D Sharks Screensaver brings sharks to the safety of your desktop
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Living 3D Sharks Screensaver brings the world of sharks to the safety of your desktop.
This beautiful screensaver will take you on an underwater journey to the bottom of the ocean.
You will be able to see the remains of a sunken old ship, probably there as the result of an ancient battle.

The bottom is not deep so you can see the rays of the sun filtering through the waves above.
The whole scene has a feeling of mystery and danger.
Suddenly, the king of the ocean appears.
The great shark swims gracefully around the wreckage. And it is followed by another one, and yet another.
If you know a little about sharks you will be able to identify the Tiger Shark and the well-known Hammerhead.

The Living 3D Sharks Screensaver has excellent images so real that you might even want to hide behind a rock so the sharks cannot see you.
You will be able to listen to the sound of the water as well as to some relaxing music to complete the scene.
This screensaver will surely attract the attention from those walking near your computer and will soon become an excellent piece of conversation both from your family and coworkers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very pretty and interesting
  • Realistic


  • It can get you bored after some time
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